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TCKG Complete Bookkeeping Services


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TCKG Complete Bookkeeping Services is a private business directed by the Senior Executive Consultant who is a qualified accountant. At TCKG Complete Bookkeeping; our services include recruitment of accountants and bookkeepers for clients and the delivery of professional bookkeeping services from one end to the other.



Our common slogan professes that “we tidy your books while you are busy making your money”. We commence our services by listening to your requests and then provide you with the best, timely, simple, economical and professional service that meets your need.



Besides operating to fulfill our mission statement; we value the time of our clients because we know that time is money. It is our tradition to always hunt for the best professional opportunities on how to manage our clients’ time. This is why we are on the field for people like you.



We provide different types of bookkeeping and accounting services to government and small to large companies. We are looking forward to the opportunity of helping you through our professional services.



Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your business requirements.


Try our services and you will know that we are the genius when it comes to providing bookkeeping and accounting services.

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We tidy your books while you are busy making your money



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